One of the most important skill that tennis players need to develop is agility. Agility means all the qualities that are required to move well and fast on the tennis court. This includes, coordination, reaction, speed, quickness, footwork technique.

Fit4Tennis DVD – Specific Tennis Footwork and Agility for only $29.90

With the Fit4tennis DVD you will see 90 minutes of drills that will help any players to improve these different areas. The DVD id divided in different categories to make the navigation easier:

  • Coordination: Ladders and hurdles drills 
  • Quick Feet: Small and quick steps drills on the spot or around cones in different movements situations. 
  • Change of Directions: Drills to improve forward, backward and sideways movements. 
  • Explosiveness and Reaction: Reaction drills on cue or ball drops. 
  • First Step: Exercises designed to improve the first step on the court. 
  • Explosive Resistance: Exercises to develop lower body power mostly done with bunjie resistance cords.  
  • Specific Movements: Drills to improve the different strokes as forehands, backhands, serves, volleys.

For each drill you will have coaching recommendations  as cues, number or reps, sets and recovery.

All those agility and footwork drills will require minimum equipment and could be done on the tennis court, in a park or even in your backyard.

Many tennis players want to work on their agility and become quicker but they do not really know where to start and what to do. We put this DVD together to help those players. If you pick 5 to 10 drills per session and do a couple sessions a week at full intensity your movements will become better and you will be quicker on the court.

Check the short trailer of the video and place your order so you can start working hard as soon as possible.

Fit4Tennis DVD – Specific Tennis Footwork and Agility for only $29.90